UZ30 Express Bevelling system

Stationary UZ30 EXPRESS is one of the best solutions for bevelling large volumes of smaller and small workpieces or long, narrow steel strips. UZ30 EXPRESS can be used not only for bevelling, but also for deburring. Thanks to the unique geometry of the cutter the feed rate can be set up to the speed of 3.5 m/min. / 11.5 ft/min. For longer workpieces it is possible to equip the machine with an additional input and output table which extends the workspace to remarkable 2 824 mm / 111.18 in.

  • The machine designed for bevelling steel, aluminum, copper and other materials, flat bars, tubes, shaped bevelling
  • Bevelling by milling – high quality bevel (mirror finish).
  • Feed control by a variator.
  • The cutter´s speed is controlled by frequency converter.
  • Another optional accessories for pipe bevelling.
  • The possibility of extending the work table (input and output table – a total of 2824 mm / 111.18 in including the base table).
  • Fast and precise adjustment of the machine with the gauges.
Price on request

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